Reiki daily healing practice

The healing work of reik has been around since the 1900's, but the energy healing has been known for centuries. Reiki is a form of energy healing technique discovered in the early 1900's in Japan by a buddhist monk Mikao Usui. He is the founder of Usui Reiki. On a solo 21 day spiritual journey, Mikao received channeled guidance from the universe. He saw tibetan ancient symbols that are used in the reiki healing practice today. Reiki is universe life force energy channled through a reiki practitioner's hands to remove negative energy

We all have been through a traumatic experience at some point in our life. Living in a society thatA death in the family, mental or physical abuse as a child or adult. Pain is pain and grief is grief. All emotions havea impact on our body. Sometimes these emotions manifest into physical sickness. It's important to clear your energy field at least twice a week in my opinion to have clarity and be grounded.

Here are some tips for using Reiki in your everyday life:

  1. Practice the Reiki Principles

  2. Ground yourself with a 5 to 10 Minute Self Reiki Session

  3. Protect your energy by activating Reiki everywhere you go

  4. Use Reiki when you are tired

1. Practice the Reiki Principles

There are 5 Reiki principles to live by daily:

  1. I will not be angry

  2. I will not worry

  3. I will be grateful

  4. I will do my work honestly

  5. I will be kind to every living thing

These principles help you feel more calm and centered when dealing with the ups and downs of our emotions. The goal with these principles is to keep your energy clear and being mindful of where you are directing your energy. We can easily be angered or worried about the past, present, or future when our life throws unexpected changes. Surrendering to what is will always bring more peace into your life.

2. Grounding yourself with 5 to 10 Minute Self Reiki Session.

In my daily paractice I use Reiki each morning to build a relationship with the energy, connect more to my intuition, and most importantly to ground myself before going to work. Reiki can help you before a meeting, an interview, or a conflicted argument. I invite the energy of reiki in every part of my day by using visual mediation of golden light to ground my intentions of love and purity.

3. Protect your energy by activating Reiki everywhere you go

As stated above, you can use Reiki to protect your energy. Drawing the symbols in your office with your hands or on a sticky note will help you feel protected and clear of unwanted negative energy. Saying "Hello God" and seeing golden light in a conversation or a hard situation in your life is also a great way of protecting your energy from negative energy.

I've been pulled over by the police a couple times and have used this technique successfully. Either the cop would let me go or give me a written warning. Good things happen when we allow the universe's assistance to help us.

4. Use Reiki when you are tired.

You are more open to healing when you are tired and depleted of your life force energy. Yes, this is true! My Reiki Teacher told me this years ago and I'm a believer in this. When we are tired we allow the Reiki to work more through our energetic body, becasue we are less resistant to it. Think of when a time someone tickled you and you had no choice but to laugh no matter how mad, angry, or emotionless you tried to be. Its a natural reaction for most of us. Thats the same with Reiki! You are least worried about if the Reiki is working and you think less of the problems you are desiring to release. So use Reiki no matter how tired you feel. Just say " Reiki on' and let the energy do the work.

If you need would like to use Reiki to heal join my Reiki I, II, and Master class! This class is 1 on 1 and 2 Hours long and goes over the history of reiki, Chakras 101 (Energy centers in your body), Practice of Reiki, and you receive your Reiki Attunement and Certificate! Email for more information or book you class in the Services section of my webstie. Namaste.

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