Stay loyal to what you love

Updated: Apr 25

This morning I was inspired by a yoga practice and one of my favorite motivational speakers Joel Osteen. In his message he spoke about staying loyal to your relationships and calling. If we are going to attain our dreams we must believe and stay persistent even when we don't see results. That message spoke to my soul. I know how it feels to have to wait on results in order to accomplish your goals.

Running collegiate track and field taught me about loyalty. I practiced in the off season of winter. Cold brutal days of training for the vision of winning first place in my hurdle races 6 months down the line. I felt l cried and gave up mentally numerous times throughout my college track career.

In order to succeed I had to go past my current mental state and dive deep into my heart to conquer my academic and sports goals at that time. Both were needed if I would ever attain my vision of being first in my league. When staying loyal to your dreams, you have to go through an ego death. We have to listen to our heart and keep feeling our feelings and release our old thoughts and patterns. We soar past what the emotional capacity we thought we could handle in order to move into higher territory.

You may be thinking "How will I get there? How can I stay committed to this relationship when everything is going wrong? How do I stay committed to setting those boundaries within myself?" When you feel you are neck deep in water let your heart guide you.

Every single person that I've seen beat a personal record in track and field, or in a business who became a millionaire kept the courage to fight for over and over for love. The love that their heart had for a dream to come to pass. When you go past the physical, the mental, and move into the spirit you find that you are limitless. Stay loyal to what your spirit loves.

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