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February 2023 Zodiac Sign Horoscope Tarot Reading

Pisces: Ace of Pentacles

Pisces you are starting to feel more grounded and learning to take care of your physical body. For you Pisces sign you will also be receiving some financial abundance and getting your life in order financially. budget and spend only what you have. No taking out loans or borrowing from a friend this month! LOL.

Aries: Lovers

You Aries are ready for love this month! Happy Valentines Day to you! You will be more into your sexual side this month. Make sure you are taking care of your health and protecting you energy if you know what I mean lol. Focus on your spiritual growth and routine daily to ground yourself before and after the end of your day. Don't let jealous or negative people steal your happiness.

Taurus: Ace of Cups

There may be a new love interest or crush you have this month. I see you are filling up your cup more and less focus on healing or helping others. I feel you have given so much of your energy these past few months and now you are aligning with what makes you happy. The number 3 is very specific for you this month, You may be buying a new home or getting an exciting letter or message this month!

Gemini: 6 of Cups

I see you are having a lot more play and downtime this month. Even if it seems taking a spa bath or going to a restaurant with a friend its much needed. I see that there is a lot of healing in regards to a person or situation. You are able to get your feelings out to someone or even just writing out a letter to the universe to release during this full moon. I do see red is a important color therapy color for you. Red is about vitality, abundance, and protection.

Taurus: 8 of Cups

You are walking away from a lot emotional overwhelm this year. I see that you will see big changes on you are spiritual quest. Your priorities are changing and things will start to look better emotionally, physically, and mentally. I see that going out more in nature or connecting to water is really good for you. Don't neglect your needs this month.

Gemini: Moon

A lot of emotions are coming to the surface for you Gemini. I see that you are letting go of anger, frustration, and attachments from people. I see there may be some old energy being moved out of your job or work space. Pay attention to signs of inconsistency from others. Trust in your instincts. Reading and writing are healing and relaxing for you this month.

Cancer: Ace of Wands

You will see more opportunities this month Cancer! i see that you are taking more inspired actions and following your passions. You are stepping into your confidence and happiness. You're leaving behind insecurities from past connections and relationships. I see new connections coming forth and new friendships.

Leo: Judgement

You are starting steer your life into a new direction. Forgiveness and spiritually focused on your mental health are coming up for you this month. Sometimes Leo's can be oversensitive in regards to situations with people. Focus on letting go of judgement of others. When you do this you may realize you have been judging yourself in certain situations.

Virgo: Lovers

I see you are starting to have a turn of luck in regards to money and contracts. I see traveling is a big theme for this month. You will have more gratitude for your current circumstances. I see Virgo you will start to have more manifesting power this month. Work with the color of yellow and eat healthy. Take back your power and focus on living your life with intention.

Libra: 7 of Wands

You are learning to take better care of yourself and set boundaries with others. You will be more happy since the seasons are changing. Its getting warmer in regards to your attraction to socializing and in your relationship with yourself. Make sure to pamper yourself this month, I see there is more time to relax instead of stressing like you may have done in previous.

Scoprio: Page of Wands

You are learning to have more creative outlets this month Scorpio. I see that you may be more impatient with getting results. Learn to be more present with yourself and finish what you start. There is beauty in the journey, not just the outcome. Remember to ground yourself more this month. Life will get busy, but you will have time to play and take care of yourself. Enjoying the process is the goal.

Sagittarius: Queen of Cups

I see that you are starting to follow your heart this month, If there has been something you were scared to do in the past you will have a deep urge to go for your heart's desire. This month is about seeing the truth in every situation. If you're wondering if success will happen in regards to a situation know that it will turn out well! I see going on a shopping spree and having an equal give a take is important for you this month.

Capricorn: 3 of Wands

Take a care of long term plans this month. There's a need to focus on your vision board and ideas. Make clear decisive decisions from a grounded meditative state. This month is about new starts and beginnings and vibrationally living in a higher state of mind. I see justice is being given to you this month. A lot of more balance and peace of mind ahead for you.

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