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Cancer Season 2022 Collective Tarot Reading

Are you ready for an emotional Cancer season of healing, reflection, and harmony? Well this is what is here for us this Cancer season which started June 21 - July 22. From the tarot cards I pulled we have learned to enjoy our own company without expectations from the outside world. We may have noticed your dynamics changing in your career, friendships, and well being. We are walking away from crazy arguments with others and learning to create peace first within our spirit and moving forward from that grounded feeling. People may fall out of your life this Cancer season. That is good for you.

Cancer is about the home so its important to bring good energy into your home with intentions of living in your sacred space with peace, calmness, and harmony for yourself and the people you communicate with here. This is a time for learning to mother and father ourselves more than what our parents were able to. Not saying everyone had a tough childhood, but our parents weren't always able to guide us in some areas of our lives.

We are integrating messages from your angels and spirit guides from dreams, inspirations, and visions we may experience. Make sure to write notes on your phone to remember. Collectively spirit is asking us to feel inspired to connect with other people more this Cancer season. Be more assertive when feeling guided to help others,

or be of service in a way your not use to. Spirit is helping us dive deeper into our heart space and live abundantly without material possession. A lot of things in politics are unraveling more because our society is done with being overlooked and mistreated. I see balance is ahead for all of us energetically and economily going into July. I see that lighter energy is ahead when it comes to worries, anxieties, and doubts.

This is a time for us to finish what we started to heal the first part of the year. It could be us setting more boundaries, saving money, studying a course, or mending a relationship. This is your time to make space for new love in all its ways. Mentally we are having more space for laughter, joy, and excitement. Ask your inner child what they need this month, You may need more time to focus on yourself and go on a random road trip. Do what you feel guided to do.

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