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Have a YES or No Question? Use tarot cards.

Have you always wanted to get a quick yes or no question answered through your tarot cards? Some people think that its impossible to ask a yes or no question through the cards, but its very easy. Do you want to know if your partner really loves you or are they cheating? Do you want to change jobs? Is someone talking behind your back? Well I am about to teach you quick and easy steps to how to get your questions answered.

Grounding Meditation

To use this method you have to decide which cards will represent yes or no. First start off with a grounding meditation to choose a card with a clear mind and to focus on your intention of your question. Just take 3 deep mindful breaths and let go of any thoughts your holding to. Visualize your thoughts being balloons on a string sending those thoughts back to the clouds in the sky and cutting the chords of the balloons.

Next shuffle your cards and cut your deck 3 times. Draw a single card from the top, middle, or bottom of the tarot deck.

Designating Yes/No Cards

Major Arcana

If you like the concept of the card YES

If you DONT like the concept of the card NO

Minor Arcana

Even Numbers YES

Odd Numbers NO

Court Cards

King NO

Queen YES

Knight NO

Page YES

Since this is a beginners reading of a YES or NO I suggest focusing only on the cards being upright and not paying attention if they come out reversed. Some people use reversals, but I find that you can still read tarot without worrying about the reversal method.

If this Tarot 101 lesson helped you comment below and tell me what your results and how it helped you!

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